Dark Red Lipstick Look!!

Hey everyone I haven’t been blogging for the past few weeks as I was really busy with my work and assignments & been searching for a new job.

I haven’t done a makeup look for ages, so I thought it’s my day off and why not put some of my favorite make-up on and write about it. So here it goes… By the way I am not perfect I just do it for my hobbies 🙂

Today’s Make=up look will be about how I do my DARK RED LIPSTICK looks.snapchat-260165018















For my Eyebrows I have used ABH Dipbrow Pomade in the shade dark brown and then over the top I have used Bellapierre eyebrow powder in the shade dark to make my eyebrows give darker shade to it.









ABH – what I like about this product is, it gives the perfect natural eyebrow look for everyday. I have used this product almost a year and a half and I still got loads in it as I don’t use it a lot of product as I have a Bushy Eyebrows I only use a bit.

Bellapierre – This product is very pigmented and its really good but I wouldn’t use this on my everyday look as it’s very dark and noticeable. I only use this to give me like darker – lighter shade on my eyebrows.

I used LA Girl Pro Concealer to make my eyebrow neat and tidy in the shade yellow.


LA GIRL PRO CONCEALER – I only use this just to tidy up the mistake that I do with my eyebrows. I wouldn’t use this under my eyes for concealer as its really dry and hard to blend in.

For my eyelid I have used Maybelline age rewind concealer as my base and then I used Violet Voss Laura Lee Pallet I used In the shade Basic to set my eyelids. In my crease I have used in shade whiskers, then I used Bubs to give me the darker smoke brown look and then I used Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in the shade Mona Lisa on my eyelids and for my Inner corner of my eyes, I have used Tickled Pink and I have used it on under my eyebrow bone. For topliners I have used Maybelline the master ink and finally I have used Bobbie brown smoky eye mascara.


Violet Voss Laura Lee Pallets -This Pallets I have had this for a while now and it’s truly amazing, great colour choice, fantastic pigmentation and the shadows blend out beautifully with no fallout. The selected colours will provide countless looks.


Charlotte Tilbury- Eyes to Mesmerize – This product is my all-time favourite I love her cream eyeshadow it lasts me for ages and it’s easy to use as well.


Bobbi Brown – This mascara I’ve got this as a sample. It is really good It gives that look that you’ve got fake lashes on and it last for ages!! I’ll be buying this full one soon.

For my face I have used Urban Decay Allnighter Foundation I am on the shade number 9. I then used a Maybelline age rewind concealer for my under eye and then I used YSL Bronzer cream in the shade No2 for my cheek bones and then I used Hourglass Ambient lightening powder under my eyes to brighten up and then I used Charlotte Tilbury powder all off my face and then I used Morphe 9C Contour pallet for to powder my cheek bones. I then used Bobbi Brown Glow Shimmer Highlighter Pallet I used the 3rd one the pinkish colour on my cheek bones and then I used The 1st one to highlight my cheek bones in the shade lighter silver shimmery colour.


Urban Decay Allnighter Foundation – This foundation is really good it last you for ages and it goes on your face smoothly. I only use 1 pump for this and its really heavy and A little bit of product goes a long way, and it’s super easy to blend. Perfect amount of coverage for a full coverage foundation too.


Maybelline age rewind Concealer – Covers dark circles well and stays on for hours. Great product.


YSL Bronzing Cream – This bronze cream is really good and it’s really pigmented and it gives you good bronzer on your cheek bones.


Hourglass Ambient Lightning powder – This product gives an all over natural glow. A little goes a long way and will last a long time.


Charlotte Tilbury Powder – This powder is really good!! it feels really light weighted and it gives that glowey look on your face. 


Morphe 9C Contour Pallet – This pallet is really good and really pigmented and it gives you really nice look and a little goes on long way.


Bobbi Brown Glow Shimmer Highlight powder – This Highlighter is really good and really pigmented The colour is beautiful!! This highlighter is good for summer time.

The last but not least For my Lips I have used LA SPLASH Liquid Lipstick in the shade Vampire.






This Liquid Lipstick os amazing it last you for 24hours it is really dark and amazing too wear the applicator is really good. It goes on amazing.





Hope you enjoy my blogs guys!!
















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